Bullying Prevention Resource Guide: Best Practices


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BEST PRACTICESEllicott School District #22
Over the past two decades, a steady stream of studies and reports by university research teams, government agencies and philanthropic organizations around the world has shed considerable light on:
  • The nature, prevalence and dynamics of bullying
  • The extent to which bullying contributes to problems ranging from educational underachievement to teen suicide to deadly acts of violence
  • The complex and interrelated factors that create environments in which bullying thrives.

At the same time, much has been learned about what works — and what doesn’t — in terms of bullying prevention, and the critical importance of systematic, sustained efforts on the part of schools, families and communities.

This section of the Resource Guide offers a look at the steadily growing knowledge base on bullying, and the key features of policies, programs and partnerships that have proven effective over the course of The Colorado Trust’s Bullying Prevention Initiative (BPI) in creating healthier, safer school and community environments for children and youth.



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